Popina Luka waterfall

(Popinolashki vodopad, Попинолъшки водопад)

The Popina Luka waterfall is a gorgeous waterfall 20 kilometer north of Sandaski, in the hamlet Popina Luka in the region Blagoëvgrad, Bulgaria.

The waterfall is easy to reach: from Sandaski drive to Lilyanova and further to the end of the valley Popina Luka. Park the car at the Yane Sandaski hut. The waterfall should be very close to the hut which is also a vey nice spot for bathing.

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About Popina Luka waterfall

LocationPopina Luka, Sandanski
RiverBashliitsa (Sandanska Bistritza)
Best visitSpring, after rainfall

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