Boyana waterfall

(Boyanski Vodopad, Боянски водопад)

Boyanski Vodopad (or in English Boyana waterfall) is a 20 meter high waterfall just outside Sofia, the capitol of Bulgaria.

From the city centre of Sofia drive southwest to road 1 that finally leads to Vladaya. Before entering road 1 you have to exit to the church of Boyana (Боянска църква музей in Bulgarian), a very nice photogenic church. The trailhead to Boyanski Vodopad (Boyana waterfall) lies 100 meter behind the church. There is small parking and a small sign for the waterfall (gps 42.642564, 23.263941). You can also take bus 64 to the Boyana church.

There are two trails leading to Boyanski Vodopad (Boyana waterfall) with a single walking time of 1h30 or 2h00. The trail that stays right follows the river and goes most directly to the waterfall. The distance is 4 km and is steep at some parts.

There are also several guided tours you can take.

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About Boyana waterfall

CountryWaterfalls in Bulgaria
RegionVitosha Mountain
LocationStambolova Livada
RiverBoyanska reka
Best visitAfter a rainy period

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