Rastenbachklamm wasserfall

The Rastenbach wasserfall in the Rastenbachklamm is a 30 meter high waterfall in a scenic waterfall near the Kalterersee/Lago di Caldero.

The Rastenbach wasserfall is located west of the lake and Sankt Josef am See (Kalterersee), not far from Bolzano in the region Trentino – Alto Adige, Italy.

Not far from the lakeside in Sankt Josef am See there is a parking from which a trail starts into the Rastenbachklamm. In 10-20 minutes you will reach the Rastenbach wasserfall in the river Rastenbach. With a single drop of appr 30 meters impressive to see.

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About Rastenbachklamm wasserfall

RegionTrentino - Alto Adige (Südtirol)
LocationSankt Josef am See-Kalterer See-Bolzano
Best visitSpring-after rainfall