Salto, Cascata del

(Salto Maggia, Cascata Pozzaccio, Salto)

Salto or Cascata del Salto is a gorgeous waterfall in Maggia, Ticono, Switzerland.

It is not difficult to find Cascata del Salto when you are in Maggia. This great waterfall is already visible from Maggia.

There are two possibilities to enjoy Cascata del Salto. First is to walk up the mountain at the right side of the river. Just walk north and follow the trail up and you will see Cascata del Salto at your left side from above.

It is also possible to walk to the bottom of Cascata del Salto. There is a path heading to the waterfall (left side of the river) from the beautiful church near the river. When walking to the church, take the path to the right to the vineyards. From here it should be a 10-15 minute walk.

© pictures Matteo Bernasconi


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About Salto, Cascata del

RiverRiale Salto
Best visitEarly summer

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