Santa Giulia, cascata di

(Cascate di Rescia)

Cascata di Santa Giulia (also known as cascate di Rescia) is a 70 meter high waterfall at the beautiful caves of Rescia (grotte di Rescia). The waterfall is located at Rescia, lago di Lugano, not far from Osano in the region Lombardia, Italy.

There is a small parking at grotte di Rescia and it doesn’t look very scenic. After going through the gate you have a better look at Cascata di Santa Giulia.

I think the volume is very seasonal. In wintertime the flow is respectable, in summertime it probably runs dry but after a heavy rain shower the waterfall can very impressive. This region is known of its heavy rain showers in summertime, so the day after would be perfect to visit Cascata di Santa Giulia.

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About Santa Giulia, cascata di

LocationRescia, Osteno, Lago di Lugano
Best visitAfter heavy rainfall