Schleierfall (Going)

(Schleier wasserfall)

The Schleierfall at Going is one of the many waterfalls in Austria with the name Schleierfall. Schleierfall means bridal veil and is named like that because of the shape of the waterfall: narrow at the top, wide at the bottom.

The Schleierfall at Going is a most of the time a low volume waterfall but is situated in a nice setting and can be powerful. What makes this Schleierfall special is a small cave behind the waterfall from where you have a beautiful view on the waterfall from behind the Schleierfall.

From Going am Wilden Kaiser drive east until you reach Hotel Stanglwirt, go left here. Then look for a sign Ackerlhütte, drive on to the end to parking lot Hüttling. From here it is a 30-45 minute walk. The trail is easy and marked.

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About Schleierfall (Going)

LocationGoing am Wilden Kaiser
Best visitEarly summer