Schwarzenbach wasserfall

The Schwarzenbach wasserfall is a small waterfall of appr 8-15 meter near Oberscheffau in the region Salzburg, Austria.

From Oberscheffau there is a trail called Mühlenrundweg (Mill trail) that runs along an old Mill and the Schwarzenbach wasserfall. The trail runs further on to another waterfall Winnerfall. It takes appr 30-45 minutes to the Winnerfall.

If you want to see more waterfalls… It is also possible to walk up to a beautiful viewpoint and the Trickfall and Dachserfall. This is quite a walk. If you don’t want to walk that long. The Trickfall and Dachserfall are easy to reach from Au (Abtenau).


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About Schwarzenbach wasserfall

Best visitSpring-early summer

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