Spendula, Cascata di Sa

(Cascata Muru Manna)

Cascata di Sa Spendula or Cascata Muru Manna is the tallest waterfall on the isle of Sardegna. Cascata di Sa Spendula is located near Villacidro (and therefore sometimes named Cascata Villacidro), northwest of Cagliari.

The waterfall is easy to reach from Villacidro. Driving northwest over road Via Sa Spendula you will see a big parking at the left side of the road.

Leaving from Cantina Ferraris, Cascata di Sa Spendual can be reached by taking a long and pleasant excursion that runs along the rio Cannisoni river and leads to the spectacular confluence of the canale Monincu (canal) and the rio Linas (river). From there tourists can follow one of the two rivers and continue to the Muru Mannu falls or the Sa Spendula falls in the Linas.

Along the path 113, one can admire one of the most evocative falls of the Linas area, the Piscina Irgas falls, surrounded by the imposing granite walls hollowed out by the rio Oridda river. Another waterfall that cannot be missed is the most famous one of all: Sa Spendula, a destination that every tourist in town must see. The waterfall is located in Seddanus, only a few minutes from the residential area, surrounded by pink and grey granite and a lovely pine grove. One of the most evocative and fascinating views can be seen during the rainy season.

Many other smaller waterfalls that are lesser known, but no less enchanting, are located between the rocks of the Linas, creating authentic natural scenery of great charm. We would like to mention one of the many: the small falls of S’ega Sizzorris in the hollow of Villascema that can be reached after a walk through the dense, shaded holly oak woods.

Cascata di Sa Spendula cascades down over three steps and has a total height of 72 meters. The highest drop is appr. 30 meters. The waterfall is a low volume waterfall and doesn’t flow all year around. In summertime the river Coxinas runs dry.

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About Spendula, Cascata di Sa

Best visitAutumn-Spring

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