Stillup wasserfall

The Stillup wasserfall is a nice waterfall at lake Speicher Stillup (1.116 m) near Mayrhofen in the region Tirol, Austria.

From the Ahornbanen (skilift) in Mayrhofen a road is going up to the dam of the Speicher Stillup. The road is very steep (15%) and you have to pay toll. The road ends at a parking at Gasthof wasserfall from where you can see the Stillup wasserfall.

Best view you will have from the other side of the lake. Cross the dam and follow the shore of the lake for a short time. Best time to visit the Stillup wasserfall is summertime, maybe june, beginning of july when there is enough snow that can feed the waterfall.

The Stillup waterfall falls towards the southwest so for photographing the waterfall, the afternoon will be the best time.

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