Storelvfossen (Vadsø)

Storelvfossen is the unofficial name of an impressive waterfall near Vadsø in the region Finnmark, Norway. Storelvfossen is located in a remote valley called Nattfjelldalen, 8 kilometer north of Vadsø.

In Vadsø (driving on road E75 take the exit to the “Skytebanne”. Follow the road to a place called Gammerabben (gps 70.117648, 29.852393). From here you have to walk (probably with a 4×4 you can drive further into the valley). The hike to Storelvfossen is appr 9 km and takes 2,5 hour. Last part of the walk goes up and the hike has a total ascend of 280 m.

By accident I discovered a photo of this really gorgeous waterfall in the north of Norway. The Storelvfossen is the highest waterfall in Finnmark with a height of 60 meter.

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About Storelvfossen (Vadsø)

RegionEast Finnmark
LocationNattfjelldalen-Vadso (Varangerhalvøya nasjonalpark)
Best visitSummer