Plitvice: Milanovacki Slap

Milanovacki Slap is a beautiful little waterfall in Plitvice National Park and is situated near Plitvica Selo at the end of the lakes, near entrance 1 of the national park, north of the big hotels. Plitvice National Park is located in the region Lika Slenj – Croatia Proper, Croatia.

Milanovacki Slap isn’t the highest waterfall in the park but one of the nicer named waterfalls. The river Korana drops over 18 meters in a nice scenic setting. One of the many waterfalls in the park.

Best way to view Milanovacki Slap is walking around down at the river but you also will have a tremendous view from the upper viewpoint at the west side of the river Korana. Left of Milanovacki Slap you also can see Milke Trnine Slap.

There are several ways to go to Nacionalni park Plitvička jezera:
1.) park the car at one of the entrances, all of them are a good base for starting a walk
2.) follow the signs Plitvica Selo (north of the main entrances take road 42 towards Poljanak/Saborsko and follow the signs Plitvica Selo. When crossing a small bridge, there is a sign (at the left side of the road) “Veliki Slap”. You can park the car for free and walk in a few minutes to the fall. This part of the park has no entrance fee, but if you walk further on you have to buy a ticket at one of the entrances.

Most people talk about the Plitvice waterfalls as one waterfall, but over a length of 9 kilometers the river Korana cascades down over 158 meters creating dozens of waterfalls.

There are three main entrances (Ulaz) for the park, all  a great starting point for a day trip at the Plitvice lakes. Incidentally, there were long queues for tickets at entrance I and II. Down at entrance III there was none.

Our hotel was located in Plitvice Selo, a great starting point for a walk where few people know about. It is a little further away if you come from the south, but north of Plivicka Jezero there is a road with number 42 towards Poljanak / Saborsko, take this. After several kilometer there is a crossing where you should go left to Plitvice Selo. Follow the road for a few kilometers until you sea a plate with “no cars allowed”, where the road bends to the right. Park the car here (for free). From here you can walk down to entrance III or stay upstairs and walk first to the large waterfall (Veliki Slap) along the gorge with stunning viewpoints. At the end you descend to the base of Veliki slap.

Since we had not bought tickets we walked back the same way to entrance III, bought tickets and took the boat across the lake. From here we walked along dozens of waterfall, all lakes last until the starting point of the bus. Here it is (literally) fighting for a spot in the bus. There is no queue and the law of the strongest prevails when the bus is approaching. After 30-40 minutes we were finally lucky and went all the way back towards entrance I.

National Park Plitvička Jezera (Plitvice Lakes) is the largest national park of the country (295 km2) and is since 1949 on the Unesco list of world heritage. The park is known for their cascades and their tufa formations and travertines. National Park Plitvička Jezera (Plitvice Lakes) consist out of 16 lakes connected to each other forming small or bigger cascades/waterfalls in between the lakes which are located on different altitudes. The sixteen lakes are separated into the upper and lower lakes.

The biggest waterfalls in the National Park Plitvička Jezera (Plitvice Lakes) is Veliki Slap with its 78 meters, located at the lower lakes and Galovacki buk with its 25 meters (single drop) at the upper lakes. The number of waterfalls is hard to mention but it must be more the a few dozen.

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About Plitvice: Milanovacki Slap

CountryWaterfalls in Croatia
RegionLika Slenj - Croatia Proper
LocationPlitvička jezera (Nacionalni park Plitvička jezera)
Best visitLate spring

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