Stüber wasserfall (Isenthal)

(Stuber, Stueber)

The Stüber wasserfall is an unknown waterfall near St Jakob (Isenthal) in the region Uri, Switzerland.

I don’t know why there is so few information available of this 180 meter, single drop, waterfall in the river Oberalperbach. It isn’t an extremely powerful waterfall but the pictures I saw show a respectable volume.

The Stüber wasserfall is also not very difficult to reach. From road 2 drive from Altdorf north and take the exit Isenthal. From Isenthal drive to St Jakob and a little further to the end of the road (after the cable station). There is a small parking.

The hike to the Stüber wasserfall takes appr. 70-90 minutes (4,2 km) and had an ascend of 460 meter (one way). Last part of the walk is up and goes to the Gossalp where you have a good view on the Stüber wasserfall. With nice weather a beautiful hike.

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About Stüber wasserfall (Isenthal)

LocationIsenthal - St Jakob
RiverOberalper bach

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