Valafoss is a gorgeous waterfall in the west of Iceland. Valafoss is located at the Ljósufjöll, a volcanic area with a length of 90 kilometers, on the peninsular Snæfellsnes in Iceland.

Frm Bogarnes take road 54 to the north-west. Road 54 runs directly to the south side of the peninsular and is also called Snæfellsnesvegur. After the exit to Miklaholt (to the left), road 5665, a small road to the right turns up heading to some small vacation houses (Svartholl). From the end of the road a trail starts heading to Ljósufjöll.

First waterfall that comes by (after 1,5 kilometer) is the Hrafnafoss, a small waterfall in the river Sela. Follow the river for another 1,5 kilometer until the Valafoss shows up. The Valafoss is an unknown waterfall but looks very nice. The river Sela plunges down over a cliff and ends 60 meter lower.

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About Valafoss

RegionVesturland, Snæfellsnes
Best visitSummer