(Hildalsfossen, Vefoss, Schrägfoss)

Vidfossen (also called Hildalsfossen, Vefoss or Schrägfoss) is one of the many waterfalls near Odda. After Latefossen, Vidfossen is my number two. I don’t know exactly why but the shape, the volume, the green grass in front and the height makes this is a very photogenic waterfall.

From Odda it is a 10 km drive to the south over road 13. You can’t miss the fall, from road 13 the fall is visible. Over a wide of 300 meters the water of an unnamed river thunders down over 325 meters and is being fed by a serie of lakes (Smyttetjorn, Midtsolsvatnet and some small lakes). The lakes, on an altitude of 400-800 meters, are fed with melted snow from the Folgefonna glacier, the second largest glacier in Norway.

Because it isn’t a real tourist attraction, there are no official parking spots but there are some spot where you can stop the car.

There are two good viewpoint: from the house in front of Vidfossen photographing towards the west-southwest or a few hundred meters further towards Odda where you can photograph Vidfossen a little bit from the side. The last three pictures were taken May 3th 2015. Although it was actually to early in the season to see Norwegian waterfalls with a maximum flow of water Vidfossen was still very impressive. Best time to visit Vidfossen is early in the morning when the sun just rises over the mountain and the color of the light is tremendous.

The Odda region is one of the best places for spotting the highest, the most beautiful and the largest number of waterfalls in a relative small area. These are the best ones: LåtefossenEspelandsfossen, Langfoss, Strandfoss, AednafossenStrondsfossenTjørnadalsfossen, SkrikjofossenNyastølfossenNykkjesøyfossen, TveitafossenSøtefossen and Vøringsfossen.

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