(Strandsfossen, Strondsfossen)

Srandfoss (also called Strandsfossen or Strondsfossen) is one of the many waterfalls near Odda. Strandfoss is a nice waterfall at the westside of the Sandvinvatnet. From Odda it is a 5 km drive to the south over road 13. Somewhere half the Sandvinvatnet you will see the magnificent Strandfoss. There is a parking lot (just after the bend in the road) for hikers going into the Tjornadalen. Here you will have a view on both the waterfalls: Strandfoss in the west and the Tjornadalsfossen in the east.

The Strandfoss drops down over 455 meters and is fed by several lakes, but directly by the Fossasetevatnet at an altitude of 505 meters. From the north side of the waterfall a trail leads to the origin of the fall and some small houses “Fossasete“. Here you will have a great view on the two lakes and another (unnamed) waterfall over a hundred meters high.

Strandfoss is maybe not the most powerful waterfall of Norway but in june the volume is quit respectable. Ik visited the Strandfoss 4 times, 1 time in may but that was to early. The last pictures were taken on may 3th 2015. The temperatures were low and snow melted slowly. You will see the difference in volume of the Srandfoss with the first pictures, taken in June-July.

On the other hand, the pictures taken in may are fabulous with snow on top of the mountains and the reflection of the Strandfoss in the water.

The Odda region is one of the best places for spotting the highest, the most beautiful and the highest number of waterfalls in a relative small area. These are the best ones: LåtefossenEspelandsfossen, Langfoss, Vidfoss, AednafossenStrondsfossenTjørnadalsfossen, SkrikjofossenNyastølfossenNykkjesøyfossen, TveitafossenSøtefossen and Vøringsfossen.

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About Strandfoss

Best visitEarly summer-Summer

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Tjornadalsfossen 3 km
Vidfoss 5 km
Buksefoss 7 km
Buarfossen 8 km
Latefossen 10 km