(Tjørnadalsfossen, Tjødnadalsfossen)

Tjørnadalsfossen (also named Tjødnadalsfossen) is a quite unknown (official named) waterfall that isn’t easily visible from the popular tourist road 13. Driving on road 13 at the Sandvinvatnet (south of Odda) there is a curve in the road, park the car here. A short walk takes you to the base of the Tjørnadalsfossen.

From the start of the trail you will have a good view on the Tjørnadalsfossen from aside photographing towards the east-southeast. A good time to visit the Tjørnadalsfossen is later in the afternoon or maybe better just before the sun disappears behind the mountains. I like the color of the light just before sundown.

Walking further on (a few minutes) you can walk through the forrest to the base of the Tjørnadalsfossen. Here you will have a great view on the lower part and the river Tjorni.

I visited the Tjørnadalsfossen four times and the best time to visit the Tjørnadalsfossen is in June after a warm period or heavy rainfall. It is difficult to get a perfect view on the waterfall because from the road the trees restricts a good view. Probably the best view you will have from the other side of the Sandvinvatnet where a road goes to the Buerbreen.

Most of the pictures I took of Tjørnadalsfossen are taken June or July. If you take a closer look you will also see pictures of Tjørnadalsfossen with a limited volume. Those pictures are taken May 2015. June/July is the best period to visit Tjørnadalsfossen.

Tjørnadalsfossen is a waterfall in the river Stølselvi and drops down over 500 meters. I tried to measure the height of the waterfall with a laser height meter but the Tjørnadalsfossen was to high. When standing at the base of the Tjørnadalsfossen you will see appr. 350 meters of the waterfall. From the path you can admire the Tjørnadalsfossen in total.

The Odda region is one of the best places for spotting the highest, the most beautiful and the highest number of waterfalls in a relative small area. These are the best ones: LåtefossenEspelandsfossen, Langfoss, Vidfoss, AednafossenStrondsfossenSkrikjofossenNyastølfossenNykkjesøyfossen, TveitafossenSøtefossen and Vøringsfossen.

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About Tjornadalsfossen

Best visitEarly summer-Summer

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