Vodopady Bile Opave

(Vodopády Bílé Opavy)

Vodopády Bílé Opavy are a series of waterfall in the river Bílé Opavy west of Karlova Studánka in the region , Czech Republic.

From Karlova Studánka a trail (yellow signs) is running along the river Bílé Opavy. The trail runs over ladders, bridges and at some parts you have to climb up your way.

Along the way you will see several small waterfalls but halfway you meet the biggest and most beautiful one. Here the river Bílé Opavy drops down over 8 meter.


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About Vodopady Bile Opave

CountryCzech republic
LocationKarlova Studánka
RiverBílá Opava
Best visitSpring, after rainfall

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