Cascata di Val Mött

(Cascata di Val Moett)

Cascata di Val Mött is a 30 meter high waterfall near Gerra and Brione (Valle Verzasco) in the region Ticino, Switzerland.

When driving into Valle Verzasco, Cascata di Val Mött shows up at the right side of the road between Brione and Gerra. There is a parking in front of the waterfall (gps 46.315207, 8.802995) with a great view.

You can walk a little closer to the bridge in front of Cascata di Val Mött from Gerra. A tril runs at the east side of the river to the viewpoint on the pedestrian bridge with picnic facilities (5-10 minute walk).

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About Cascata di Val Mött

CountryWaterfalls in Switzerland
RiverRiale di Val Mött
Best visitEarly summer

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