(Stallebach wasserfall, Maria hilfer wasserfall)

The Stallerfall (or Stallebach wasserfall, Maria hilfer wasserfall) is a very beautiful waterfall at Maria hilf in the Defereggental (region Tirol, Austria). There are many waterfalls in the Defereggental but the Stallerfall is the biggest.

Through the beautiful Defereggental you drive to Maria Hilf. Just before the village you have to turn left and cross the river. Park the car directly after the bridge. From here it is a few minutes walk to the waterfall. The trail is marked with signs. Arriving at the bottom of the waterfall, you can also decide to walk further on to a view point in  5-10 minutes. Just do it! A beautiful, powerful waterfall in a beautiful setting. One of the best in Austria.

Best time to visit the Stallerfall is in summertime when there is a lot of melted snow and ice from the mountains around the Stallerbach.

The river Stallebach (sometimes named Stallerbach) drops down over 80 meters in almost a single drop. The Stallerfall falls towards the north, so late in the afternoon or early in the morning will be the best time to photograph the Stallerfall.

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About Stallerfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitSummer

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