The Kleinbachfall is a huge waterfall in the Umbaltal near the town Hinterbichl in the region Tirol, Austria. The Umbaltal is part of the National park Hohe Tauern with its many waterfalls.

From Matrei in Osttirol you have to drive west, into the Virgental, until the road ends at a big parking lot in Stroden, west of Hinterbichl. In summertime you have to pay a fee, euro 5,50 (2014).

From the parking lot it is a 20-30 minute hike until you reach the Islitzer/Pebellalm where you will have a beautiful view of the gigantic Kleinbachfall. The Kleinbachfall is without a doubt one of the highest waterfalls in Austria with a total height over 360 meters.

Best daytime to visit the Kleinbachfall is in the morning. The Kleinbachfall falls towards the Northeast and you will be photographing towards the Southwest. There are several good viewpoint where you can photograph the Kleinbachfall. From the path when approaching the Islitzer/Pebellalm, just in front of the Kleinbachfall and from the restaurants at the Islitzer/Pebellalm.

From here the walk along the Umbalfalle starts, further into the valley. There are several manmade viewpoint to see the Umbalfalle. After a few minutes you will arrive at the Grossbachfall which falls down the mountains at the left side.

I visited the waterfalls of the Umbaltal twice. First time was in the beginning of May end the second time in August. In May there is still a lot of snow and the rivers aren’t filled with melted snow yet. The Kleinbachfall is being fed by melted snow out of the Kleinbachtal and the mountains above with peaks over 3.000 meter.

I rated the Kleinbachfall very high (3.5/5 stars) because the combination of height, volume and setting. These are all above average. This makes the Kleinbachfall one of the best, most beautiful waterfall in Austria.

There are several other nice waterfalls in the Umbaltal worthwhile to visit: Grossbachfall, Umbalfalle and the Zopatbachfall.

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About Kleinbachfall

LocationHinterbichl-Virgental-Matrei in Osttirol
Best visitEarly summer-summer

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Grossbachfall 1 km
Umbalfälle 1 km
Zopatbach wasserfall 2 km
Dorferbach wasserfall 5 km
Erlsbach wasserfall 11 km