Years ago I had been here in May (last 3 photo’s). When the waterfall wasn’t that impressing: boring, low volume and water cascades down slowly. What a difference from the summer months. The water falls with great power down several steps.

The Umbalfalle is easy to reach. At the end of the valley is a parking lot where you unfortunately have to pay 5,50 euro.  Here you can see already from afar the great Kleinbach Wasserfall. Later you can admire the waterfall in its entirety.

From the parking lot it is a 20-25 walk up until you reach a pasture. Straight ahead you can see the bottom of the Umbalfalle, but even better is that you can see on your left the gigantic Kleinbachfall. From here the walk begins along the Umbalfalle with various viewpoints.

Almost at the very beginning, on your left, you’ll also find the Grossbachfall. From the bridge, it is also beautiful to admire.

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About Umbalfälle

LocationHinterbichl-Virgental-Matrei in Osttirol
Best visitJuly

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