Martin Brod

(Vodopad Veliki Una)

Martin Brod waterfall is a delight for the eye, a rather unknown waterfall in Nacionalni park Una (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The waterfall Martin Brod is named after the small village Martin Brod, where the waterfall is located. From Bihac you have to drive south over road R408 until you reach the village of Martin Brod. Turn right on road 408 to the Rmanj Monastery and proceed to Martin Brod.

Here the river Una drop down over appr 20 meter creating an awesome Tufa waterfall. Martin Brod waterfall is actually a series of rapids with a total height of 54 meter. The Una River flows through the entire village, creating waterfalls and travertine cascades. At the east side of the village the river Unac flows into the Una.

According to a legend, the village Martin Brod was named after a young girl Marta, who was in love with a soldier. As she crossed the river to reach her beloved, a strong current pulled her into the water and  drowned. Brod means “passage in a river”.

Downstream (north) in the river you will find another great Tufta waterfall called Štrbački Buk. It is possible to go rafting in the river Una as well from from Croatia or Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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About Martin Brod

CountryWaterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina
RegionNorth west
LocationMartin Brod - Nacionalni park Una

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