Krčić Slap

(Topoljski slap, Veliki buk)

The river Krka originates at a spring 4 kilometers east of the town Knin in the region Dalmatia, Croatia. The spring is located under a 22 meter high waterfall called slap Krčić or Topoljski slap. Krčić means tiny Krka. The stream above slap Krčić is called Krčić , an underground stream that does not dry up.

Unfortunately the waterfall slap Krčić dries out in summertime, as you can see on the pictures I made….

From Knin you have to drive further on road 1 heading to Kovačić, to the east. Sometimes you will see a sign for the waterfall, but a good navigation is a must. On a big crossing road 1 goes to the right, here you have to go straight ahead and after the crossing take the right road (a very narrow road). After the bridge you can park the car and walk along the river, in 5 minutes, to slap Krčić and the spring of the river Krka.

If you had taken the left road after the crossing you had a view from above on slap Krčić , also nice to see.

The colors in the water are great and it is a good place to swim (when the waterfall isn’t to powerful, otherwise it is dangerous).

Best time to visit slap Krčić is in the rainy season: fall or early winter. In that season you will see slap Krčić in all its glory, a mighty waterfall with a single drop of 22 meters. This picture was taken in May.

All major waterfalls in the Krka National Park, from up- to downstream, are: slap Krčić Bilušica bukslap Brljana, slap ManojlovacSlap RošnjakSlap Miljackaslap Roški and finally Skradinski Buk.

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About Krčić Slap

CountryWaterfalls in Croatia
RegionCentral Dalmatia
Best visitFall, Early winter

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WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Bilušića buk 19 km
Brljana Slap 22 km
Rošnjak slap 23 km
Manojlovac slap 24 km
Miljacka slap 24 km