Ägertenbachfalle is a high waterfall near the village Lauterbrunnen, in the region Berner Oberland, Switzerland.

Driving from Interlaken to the Lauterbrunnen tal (valley) you can’t miss the Staubbachfall at the right side of the valley. The Ägertenbachfalle is located just outside Lauterbrunnen on the way to Stechelberg, the end of the valley. Just after the more famous Trümmelbachfälle you can see the huge Ägertenbachfalle on your right hand side falling down over 175-250 meter.

The Ägertenbachfalle is one of the highest waterfalls in Switzerland. With a single drop of 175 meter it belongs to the top 20 highest single drop waterfalls in Switzerland.

The Ägertenbachfalle is being fed with melted snow from the mountains Bietenhorn/Schwarzbirg (2.755 m). Early summer there is still a lot of snow on the mountains and with warm weather this is the perfect period to visit the Lauterbrunnen valley.

The flow can vary a lot, depending on the season, but the Ägertenbachfalle stays a low volume waterfall, not that impressive. Nevertheless nice to see and with all those other waterfalls nearby a visit worthwhile.

Undoubtedly the Lauterbrunnen valley is the number 1 valley for waterfalls in Switzerland. Lauterbrunnen means “only sources” which refers to the meany streams coming down the mountains. There are 72 waterfalls in the Lauterbrunnen valley from which Staubbachfall and Trummelbachfall (in a cave) are the most famous ones.

Also the highest waterfall in Switzerland are located in the Lauterbrunnen valley: Spissbachfall, StaldenbachfallMürrenbachfall and Staubbachfall.

In the Lauterbrunnen valley there are many other waterfalls (72) but my favorite are: SefinefallTalbachfallHoldrifalleSchmadribachfall (tip), Trummelbachfalle (tip), Spissbachfall, Mürrenbachfall.

Besides chasing waterfalls the Lauterbrunnen valley is a perfect base for hikes, paragliding or skydiving. The year 2005 was the last time I was in the Lauterbrunnen valley and the pictures I took where still analog. Visiting Switzerland again stands high on my wishlist but Switzerland is also the most expensive country in Europe. Nevertheless it is also one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

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About Ägertenbachfalle

CountryWaterfalls in Switzerland
RegionBerner Oberland
Best visitEarly summer

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