The Agnesfall is an unknown but beautiful waterfall in the Lüsenstal/Gries im Sellrain in the region Tirol. The Agnesfall is an official named waterfall in an unnamed water flow.

From Innsbruck drive west over road 13 to Gries im Sellrain. There turn left to Juifenau/Praxmar. After 1 kilometer after Juifenau you will see the Agnesfall on the right. It is possible to park the car along the road and walk down towards the waterfall where you can sit on a bench.

The Agnesfall is fed by meltingwater from the top of the mountains above, more then 3000 meters high. The flow isn’t always that impressive. I even think the waterfall doesn’t flow the whole year around. I guess best time to visit is in the early summer or after heavy rainfall.

The Agnesfall falls towards the southeast. If going to the Agnesfall, visit the waterfall in the morning or beginning of the afternoon, otherwise you look directly into the sun. I couldn’t measure the height of the Agnesfall in total, but I estimate that the height is appr. 170 meters. The Agnesfall cascades down over three stages. The lower part is far out the highest.

The pictures are taken august 2015, the warmest summer ever in Austria with a very long period with temperatures above 30C.

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About Agnesfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationJuifenau-Gries im Sellrain
RiverX (no name)
Best visitEarly summer

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