Alte kirch wasserfall

(Jaun wasserfall, Cascade de Jaun)

The Alte kirch wasserfall or maybe better known as cascade de Jaun, is a powerful waterfall at the village of Jaun in the region Fribourg, Switzerland.

The Alte kirch wasserfall (cascade de Jaun) is located almost along the main road west of Jaun. Near hotel de la cascade take the Höflistrasse. After a hubdred meter there is a parking almost in front of the Alte kirch wasserfall (cascade de Jaun).

It is a miracle that so much water drops down in the river Jogne, nobody knows where the water source is. The Alte kirch wasserfall is a very powerful waterfall when in June 6000 l/sec drops down. It is not a very high waterfall, but the power of the waterfall compensates that.

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About Alte kirch wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Switzerland
RiverX (Jogne)
Best visitAfter a rainy period

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