(Arben wasserfall)

The Arbenbachfall is a fantastic waterfall with huge snowy mountain peaks in the Background. A terrific place for shooting photo’s. The Arbenbachfall is located near Zermatt in the region Valais, Switzerland.

The waterfall can only be reached by a 7 kilometer long walk (2 hours) starting from Zermatt. There is a trail at the right side of the Zmuttbach that leads to the Arbenbachfall. On the left side of the Zmuttbach there is a small road that leads to Restaurant Stafelalp. From here it isn’t that far to the Arbenbachfall.
There are small yellow signs pointing to the Arbenbach from Zermatt.

At the Arbenbachfall, the Arbenbach plunges to the depths from a rocky crag on the lateral moraine of the former Zmutt Glacier. At the left side of the glacier the 4.478 meter high Matterhorn shows up.

I guess the height of the fall is about 60 meter.

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About Arbenbachfall

Best visitEarly summer

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