(Upper Dietersbach wasserfall)

BachfälleThe Bachfälle is a tall waterfall at the end of the Gerstrubental, south of Oberstdorf, in the region Bayern, Germany.

The Bachfälle can be reached by foot from Oberstdorf (Bayern), but this is a long walk. We rented a bike to go to the Bachfälle which can be reached within 1 hour (10 kilometer). Some parts of the road are steep, even with an electric bike (which we rented).

To reach the Bachfälle you have to follow the river Trettach from Oberstdorf to the south. There is a road following the river going in the direction of Gottenried. Just follow the signs to Gasthaus Gerstruben and bike to the end of the valley.

I was a little disappointed when we arrived at the waterfall because of the low volume water in the river Dietersbach. Although the river Dietersbach drops down over a cliff and ends approximately 160 meter lower, I have seen better waterfalls.

Why going there? The cheesecake and the delicious chocolate milk at the cafe at the end of the valley made our bike trip a real fest. And! on the way you bike (almost) along a gorgeous waterfall called  Hölltobel. There are small signs and it only a walk down for 8 minutes.

In the Oytal, the valley next to the Gerstrubental, there is another waterfall called Stuibenfall. When renting an electric bike you can combine a visit to both valleys.

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About Bachfälle

CountryWaterfalls in Germany
LocationGerstrubental, Oberstdorf
Best visitSpring, early summer

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