Bärenfall is in summertime a very nice waterfall near the town of Sportgastein in the region Salzburg/Austria. From Bochstein a road leads into the Nassfeldertal/ Sportgastein where you will find the Bärenfall. The Bärenfall is located opposite of another waterfalls called Schleierfall and can be reached by a long bridge. There are two main plunges falling down of the Bärenfall, the upper part is about 30 meters high and the lower part 20 meters.

In summertime when the temperatures will rise a lot of snow melts and the Bärenfall will grow in volume. When visisting the Bärenfall you will photograph towards the southwest. Best time to vist the Bärenfall is in the morning-midday in the summer.

Nearby there are also three other beautiful waterfalls; Bad Gasteinerfall, Schleierfall and the Kesselfall.

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About Bärenfall

RiverNassfelder Ache
Best visitEarly summer-summer

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Kesselfall (Bockstein) 2 km
Bad Gasteinerfall 10 km
Akarfall 17 km
Tischlerkarfälle 17 km
Raggaschlucht wasserfall 18 km