Raggaschlucht wasserfall

(Raga Klamm)

The Raggaschlucht wasserfall is a series of waterfalls in one of the most spectacular gorges in Austria. Raggaschlucht wasterfall is located 6 kilometers west of Obervellach near a small village called Schmelzhutten in the region Kärnten, Austria. There is  a fee of 6 euro to enter the Raggaschlucht and to see all the waterfalls.

The Raggaschlucht is since 1978 a natural monument and one of the most beautiful and spectacular gorges in the Alps. The Raggaschlucht was made accessible in 1882. The Raggaschlucht is 800 meters long with several waterfalls and overhanging rock walls. The Raggaschlucht is a deep and narrow gorge (in some places you can’t see the sky anymore) and is a must to visit. The walk takes about 1 hour and the biggest waterfall is about 20 meters high. In total the Raggabach descends 200 meters.

The walk through the Raggaschlucht goes over wooden stairs and bridges and at the beginning of the Raggaschlucht an ascent of 200 meters must be overcome. Passing people is impossible and forbidden. The way back goes through the forest because the trail through the Ragagaschlucht is one way direction.

Best time to visit the Raggaschlucht wasserfall is in summertime at midday when the sun shines into the gorge.

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About Raggaschlucht wasserfall

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