Bösensteiner Wasserfall


The Bösensteiner Wasserfall or Bösensteinerfall is a low volume waterfall near Niederwinklern (Steuerberg) in the region Kärnten/Austria.

Next to the idyllic Goggausee a small unnamed mountain stream drops down from the ridges of the Homberg. In its lower part the mountainstream falls over a cliff and forms the Bösensteiner Wasserfall. The Bösensteiner Wasserfall is about 30 meters high.

From Niederwinklern (Gasthof Prodinger) there is marked trail going to the Bösensteiner Wasserfall, walking time about 5 minutes.

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About Bösensteiner Wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
LocationNiederwinklern/Goggausee, Steuerberg-Feldkirchen
Best visitEarly summer-after heavy rainfall

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