Botnafossen was one of the revelations during my visit to Norway in 2016. Botnafossen was bigger and more powerful then I expected. Botnafossen is located near Arnafjord in the region Sogn of Fjordane, Norway.

Botnafossen is a big and very impressing waterfall and is clearly visible from the main road. You can get closer to the waterfall by leaving the main road and driving or hiking a bit up the road towards the settlement Halsete.

There are no signs pointing to Botnafossen but the huge Botnafossen is clearly visible. You have to make a left turn towards the waterfall. I parked the car after a sharp curve, near the houses and walked towards Botnafossen on the edge of the meadow to not bother residents.

Soon you will have a great view on this huge waterfall. There is as also a hiking trail that leads along the fjord to the mountain area Stølsheimen.

Nearby you will find two other waterfall, Sleipefossen and Breidfossen, but these aren’t that impressive as Botnafossen.

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About Botnafossen

RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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Sleipefossen 4 km
Bjorndolafossen 18 km
Hagafossen 23 km
Oyafossen 27 km

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