Skaklya waterfall (Zasele)

(Zasele waterfall, Водопад Скакля)

The waterfall Skaklya near Zasele is one of the highest waterfalls in Bulgaria with a height of approximately 85 meter. The waterfall is located just south of the hamlet Zasele in the region Sofia, Bulgaria.

You can take the Vazova trail that starts from the village of Gara Bov. If you start from Zasele you will end at the top of the cliff where Skaklya jumps over. I think there is a trail that goes down to the canyon.

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About Skaklya waterfall (Zasele)

CountryWaterfalls in Bulgaria
LocationZasele, Gara Bov
RiverSkaklya (Iskar)
Best visitSpring, after rainfall

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