Breifossen is unfortunately a forgotten waterfall upstream from the more famous and more popular waterfall Tvindefossen. Breifossen is upstream from Tvindefossen and a pleasant walk brings you through woodlands to this hidden treasure.

The Kroelvi thunders down in a single drop over 20 meters and keeps cascading a little bit until the river reaches Tvindefossen.

From the campsite follow the main road for 200 meter until there is a dust road going up to the top of Tvindefossen (30 minute walk). A great view over the top and a wide view over the valley is the reward. But the biggest reward is yet to come. Follow the trail (red sign) along the river for 30 minutes until you reach the Breifossen.

Last two pictures: © Sofie Hermans

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About Breifossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
Best visitEarly summer, after rainfall

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