Brljana Slap

(Brljanski slap)

Brljana Slap is a nice waterfall in the river Krka and is part of the Krka National Park. Brljana slap is situated upstream from the famous Skradinski Buk . When driving on road 509 between Knin and Kistanje there is a sign pointing to Brljana slap and Oklaj/Drnis.

Not far from the exit you will see two lakes (down in the canyon) with a twin waterfall in between. Unfortunately the wider waterfall is mostly hidden between the trees. The twin waterfall is called Brljana Slap.

Brljana Slap is 16 meters high and can only be viewed from a distance. There are two viewpoint but there is also a possibility to park one car in the sharp bend in the road after crossing the river Krka. From here an unofficial trail leads to a ruin. After the ruin there is a path to the right, which lead to the banks of the lower lake. From here you will have a really nice view on the left (smaller) waterfall of the Brljana Slap. But with some death trees in the water in front of the waterfall, a guarantee for a nice picture.

Best time to visit the the Krka waterfalls is in the rainy season, normally the fall or early winter but I was there in summertime and the falls where marvellous with enough water and power in the river. A week before it rained much, so I was lucky. In wintertime the river Krka swells to a might and powerful river and the water level can be 1 meter higher.

All major waterfalls in the Krka National Park, from up- to downstream, are: slap Kr?i?Biluši?a bukslap Brljana, slap ManojlovacSlap RošnjakSlap Miljackaslap Roški and finally Skradinski Buk.

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About Brljana Slap

CountryWaterfalls in Croatia
LocationIvoševci - National park Krka
Best visitFall, early winter

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