Roški slap

(Roski slap)

Slap Roški is (or are) a number of waterfalls and cascades near Visovac, north of Sibenic in the region Dalmatia in Croatia.

From Sibenik there are signs (Krka National Park) along the road heading to the Krka waterfalls (Skradinski Buk), which are a few kilometers Northeast of Sibenik. When driving on highway there is an exit heading to the Krka waterfalls (Skradinski Buk). Buk means cascade and soon you will find out why….

The road to the Krka waterfalls (Skradinski Buk) ends at a big parking lot near Lozovac, the biggest main entrance to the Krka National Park. The waterfalls are very popular by tourists and is one of the main attractions in Croatia. At the parking lot you have to buy a ticket for the entrance of the park and you also can buy a ticket for a boat trip that leads to slap Roški.

With the ticket you can take the bus heading to the bottom of the canyon or walk 875 meters to the waterfalls of the Krka river. The temperatures were over 33C so we took the bus. Don’t be to late to visit the the Krka waterfalls because it really can be extremely crowded in the summer season. From here you have to go to the boat to visit slap Roški.

Another possibility to visit slap Roški is by car. North of Lozovac, after Skradin there is a small road that leads to a passage over the river Krka from where you can walk to the falls. Or from road 59 heading to Knin there are signs to slap Roški heading to the same spot. Because of the long day we made we (unfortunately) passed by slap Roški.

All major waterfalls in the Krka National Park, from up- to downstream, are: slap Kr?i?Biluši?a bukslap Brljana, slap ManojlovacSlap RošnjakSlap Miljackaslap Roški and finally Skradinski Buk.

Krka National Park-Map

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About Roški slap

CountryWaterfalls in Croatia
LocationDrniš, Knin, Skradin (National park Krka)
Best visitFall, early winter

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Skradinski buk - Krka waterfalls 11 km
Miljacka slap 11 km
Rošnjak slap 12 km
Manojlovac slap 13 km
Brljana Slap 13 km