Cascada Colarada

(Cascada Colorores)

Cascada Colorado is a small but colorful waterfall in the Parque Nacional de la Caldera de Taburiente on the island of La Palma, Spain.

A walk starts from the visitor centre La Cumbrecita, parking have to be reserved.

The island of La Palma is a popular destination for hiking. One of the highlight is Caldera de Taburiente, a 1,5 kilometer deep and 9 kilometer wide crater in the heart of the island. The crater was created about 35 million years ago after a volcanic eruption.

Cascada de Colores, is a semi-natural waterfall hidden on a side path of the trail from the canyon las Angustias. In a bend of the ravine Rivanceras this wall rises to a height of about 6 meters which is colored naturally in various shades of green, yellow and orange, and which flows along all year round water.

Different yellow and orange hues come from the dissolved iron in the waters of the ravine, one of the most ferrous of the island of La Palma. The green hues come by algae and mosses. The result is a palette of shades of color that changes each time with the season and with the amount of water in the stream.

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About Cascada Colarada

RegionLa Palma
LocationLa Caldera
RiverBarranco Salto del Agua
Best visitWinter

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