Cascada la Mea

(Salto de la Mea)

Cascada la Mea or Salto de la Mea is one of my favorite waterfalls in Spain. Cascada la Mea is easy to reach and is located near the road between Puentedey and Quintanilla Valdebodres in the region Castilla y León.

Somewhere in the middle of Puentedey and Quintanilla Valdebodres you will see a small white sign for Cascada la Mea. From here it is only a 10 minute walk until you have a good view on this great waterfall. At least, it can be a great waterfall in times of rainfall or when snow melts down from the mountains. Most of the year the waterfall runs dry or almost dry.

Cascada la Mea plunges down over a big limestone wall over a height of 40 meter.

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About Cascada la Mea

CountryWaterfalls in Spain
RegionCastilla y León
LocationPuentedey, Quintanilla Valdebodres
RiverArroyo de la Mea
Best visitSpring, after heavy rainfall

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