Cascade d’Angon

(Chute du Grenand, Chute du Nant d'Oy)

Cascade d’Angon - Lac d'AnnecyCascade d’Angon is one of the most beautiful waterfall in France and is located east of Lac d’Annecy near the village Angon in the region Rhone Alpes/Haute Savoie, France.

From Annecy you have to take the D909 at the east side of the lake to Talloires. Just before the village of Angon, take the exit left. There are signs along the main road and there is a parking (gps 45.837824, 6.226461) that can get full because a lot of people are aware that Cascade d’Angon is an extraordinary waterfall.

From the parking just follow the path that leads to Cascade d’Angon. There are sign “cascade d’Angon – 20 minutes”.  And this was one of the few accurate signs, it took us 20 minutes to go to the first viewpoint. First the path is flat but further on it goes down a bit. Take the exit left after 15 minutes (there is a sign). This is the most beautiful part, a manmade trail in the mountain wall with great views. Early in the season (or in a rainy period) you walk under a secondary waterfall towards Cascade d’Angon. A great experience and a nice view. Soon you see how tall and how beautiful Cascade d’Angon is. I didn’t knew this was one of the best waterfalls to visit and I am glad we had the chance to visit Cascade d’Angon May 2022.

Cascade d’Angon is over 60 meters high and is fed by two small rivers Nant de Grenant and Nant d’Oy. Early in the season there is still enough water in the river for a nice flow of the waterfall. I think in summertime the flow is reduced to a tiny stream.

There are great waterfall in the surrounding of lake Annecy. If you want you can visit a gorge and waterfall at Seythenex: Cascade de Seythenex. If you want to visit three waterfalls with no admittance you can go to Balme de Thuy. There (if you look good) can find three waterfalls. At the last waterfall, cascade de Morette, you can also do a nice walk. This is also the most impressing and photogenic waterfall.

2 thoughts on “Cascade d’Angon

  • 6 October 2019 at 11:21


    I would like to know if CASCADE D’ANGON is open at the end of December?


    • 7 October 2019 at 16:30

      Hi Noam,

      Access to the waterfall is free so I don’t think you have any problems getting there. I am not sure if there is a water in the waterfall in December but if there is enough rainfall in the week before it should do.

      Let me know how it was and I am always interested in pictures of cascade d’Angon in wintertime.



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About Cascade d’Angon

RegionRhone Alpes/Haute Savoie
LocationTalloires, Lac d'Annecy
RiverNant de Grenant, Nant d'Oy
Best visitSpring, after heavy rainfall

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