Cascade de Liadouze

Cascade de Liadouze is a small waterfall in the small village of Liadouze (Mandailles-Saint-Julien), near Aurillac, in the region Auvergne/Cantal, France. Often this waterfall is named cascade du Luc, after another nearby waterfall that is located in the village of Liadouze.

Cascade de Liadouze can be reached from the bridge over the river Jordane near the village of Liadouze. There is a small spot to park the car (gps 45.079434, 2.669848) but in the village there is an official parking.

From here you have to descent to the river in 10-15 minutes where cascade de Liadouze is located. There is no official path and there are no signs. Stay at the west side of the river and do not cross the bridge. The descent is steep and slippery but after the descent walk downstream until you reach the top of Cascade de Liadouze.

It is quite confusing which waterfall is Liadouze and which one Luc. I think Cascade de Liadouze is only 5 meter high and cascade du Luc is much higher.

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About Cascade de Liadouze

LocationLiadouze, Valle de Mandailles
RiverLa Jordane
Best visitAfter rainfall

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