Cascade du Ceriset

(Cascade du Cerisey)

Cascade du Ceriset is one of the many waterfalls near Cauterets in the Pyrenees, France. Most people are heading straight to the big and famous cascade de Lutour but there are several other beautiful waterfalls to be found around Cauterets, a place you have to visit.

From Cauterets drive south over D920 passing cascade de Lutour until the road runs paralel to the river Gave du Marcadau.  From the road cascade du Ceriset is visible at the right side of the road, in a sharp curve of the road: at the sign “cascade du Cerisey” there is pocket in the road (gps 42.863433, -0.118612), big enough for two cars to park. Quite confusing because on most maps the name of the waterfall is cascade du Ceriset. Probably cascade de Ceriste is the upper part of cascade de Cerisey.

A little further there is a car park at the left side of the road and after the curves there is a small path going to a bridge and the river, from where you can walk back to Cascade du Ceriset.

If you have the time you can decide to make a walk starting at Cascade d’Escane Gat, the first waterfall you see after Cauterets, the second one is Cascade du Ceriset . From here you can a make a hike along the river passing (at least) five waterfalls before you reach Cascade de Boussès. The trail is easy but will take time (60-90 minutes-4 kilometers), ending at Pont d’Espagne with again a waterfall in a beautiful scenery.

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About Cascade du Ceriset

RegionMidi Pyrenees/Haute Pyrenees
LocationCauterets/Pont d'Espagne-Lourdes
RiverGave du Marcadau
Best visitSpring, early summer

Most nearby waterfalls

WaterfallDistance (linear)Rating
Cascade d'Escane Gat 1 km
Cascade du Pas de L'Ours 1 km
Cascade de Boussès 2 km
Cascade de Lutour 2 km
Cascade du Pont d'Espagne 2 km