Cascade du Coeur

Cascade du CoeurCascade du Coeur is one of the many waterfalls in the river Ruisseau Hourradade not far from the famous Cascade d’Enfer in Vallee de Lys/Bagneres de Luchon in the Pyrenees, France.

From Bagnere de Luchon drive south on the D46 into Vallee du Lys and cascade d’Enfer. At the end of the road there is a parking but it can be very crowded. The walk to cascade d’Enfer is a popular daytrip for tourists and for hiking in the valley.

From the parking follow the signs to cascade d’Enfer, but almost directly at the left side the river Ruisseau Hourradade cascades down the mountain. The first waterfall you will see is cascade du Coeur. Early in the season a very nice waterfall and very photogenic.

Cascade du Coeur consists out of multiple stages. The largest single drop is appr. 70 meters and in total 90 meters (measured).

Upstream you will find at least 5 other great waterfall, but the hike will take time and you have to ascend over 500 meters over a steep trail.

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About Cascade du Coeur

RegionMidi Pyrenees/Haute Garonne
LocationBagneres de Luchon
RiverRuisseau Hourradade
Best visitMai-June

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