Cascata da Schinellas

Cascata da Schinellas is an unknown waterfall near Silvaplana in the region Graubünden, Switzerland.

There is a big parking in Silvaplana where you park your car (gps 46.456157, 9.813424). Walk towards the cable car station. At the right behind the cable car station take the path but go right after a hundred meters. There must be a path through the woodland that ends at Cascata da Schinellas.

It is only a short walk of approximately 10 minutes I think. The path leads further down to the lake where you have the best view on Cascata da Schinellas.

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About Cascata da Schinellas

CountryWaterfalls in Switzerland
LocationSilvaplanersee-Ova da Schinnelas
RiverOva da Surlej
Best visitEarly summer

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