Cascata del Pison

Cascata del PisonCascata del Pison is a fascinating waterfall in the gorge of Val Meledrio near Dimaro in the region Trentino – Alto Adige, Italy.

The waterfall can be reached from Dimaro. Take the road to Folgarida, at the first bend in the road there is a parking at the left side of the road. This is also the trailhead of the track that runs parallel to the river and runs to Cascata del Pison. After crossing the river Meldrio for the second time there is a path going right to a viewpoint on Cascata del Pison. I think this option takes 2-2,5 hours and is appr 5 km long with an ascend of 400 meter.

There is also a shorter and easier option. This trail starts a little north of hotel Belvedere in Folgarida. From Dimaro the road goes steep up with a dozen hairpin curves in the road. End of April 2019 I was driving from Dimaro to Folgarida and the temperature dropped rapidly from 12C to 3C. At Folgarida there was even snow lying on the ground.

Cascata del PisonPark the car near hotel Belvedere or at a pocket in the road near the trailhead (gps 46.298906, 10.867862). The walk is not very long but descends steeply over 150 meter. Some parts can be vey steep. From the hotel the walk should take 15-20 minutes until you reach the viewpoint on Cascata del Pison. Take the path down and at a wooden rest place go left. There are signs. From here follow the path down.

I think there was a severe storm in the months before. A lot of trees had fallen and I saw several landslides. Also at Cascata del Pison. I had to climb down to get at the river. This is not necessary because there is also a viewpoint from aside.

I think April is a little to early to visit Cascata del Pison. In summertime the waterfall is more powerful and the waterfall highlights the power of the stream Meledrio, that with this double jump of water makes the woods resound.

Cascata del Pison has a total height of appr. 30 meter but the most interesting part, the lower fall, is 11 meter high and beautiful.

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About Cascata del Pison

RegionTrentino - Alto Adige (Südtirol)
LocationFolgarida, Val Meledrio
Best visitEarly summer, summer

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