Cascata del Pozzón

(Pozzone di Osogna)

Cascata del Pozzón is a nice waterfall in Osogna, Ticino Switzerland.

When driving on highway 3 /E35 take the exit Briasca (exit 44) and drive to Osogna. In Osogna park the car somewhere after the school (gps 46.311210, 8.986484) or at a parking further down the road (gps 46.314635, 8.986164). Walk upstream of the river Nala at the east side of the river.  Soon you will arrive at the pool and Cascata del Pozzón.

Cascata del Pozzón drops into a large natural pool surrounded by boulders and slabs of rock that have been carved out by water and the elements over the centuries. In summer this beautiful pool is the perfect place for a refreshing swim.

The river Nala is also used for canyoning, a nice way to explore all drops of the river Nala and Cascata del Pozzón.

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About Cascata del Pozzón

Best visitSpring, early summer

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