Cascata dell’Inferno (Alpe Devero)

Cascata dell’Inferno is a beautiful waterfall at the Alpe Devero (Regional Park of Veglia-Devero) near Baceno in the region Piedmont/Piemonte. You have to pay a fee for the last part of the road to Alpe Devero.

From Baceno drive north to Valle Devero/Goglio and from there to Alpe Devero. Her you have to park your car at a big parking (gps 46.307943, 8.266696). I am not 100% sure where Cascata dell’Inferno is located but I think west of Devero following the river into Valle Buscagna. Other option is that Cascata dell’Inferno i the waterfall just before entering Alpe Devero. This waterfall is located along the road (gps 46.306072, 8.264165). I just can’t figure out which waterfall it is.

During the summer season Alpe Devero is the starting point for numerous walks and trips suitable for all kind of hikers. Trails of various length and levels of difficulty are numerous and well marked. After a few minutes of walking you can dive into the woods and pastures which surround Alpe Devero.

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About Cascata dell’Inferno (Alpe Devero)

CountryWaterfalls in Italy
LocationAlpe Devero/Devero-ai-Ponti - Baceno
Best visitEarly summer

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