Cascata delle Marmore

(Cascate di Velino)

Cascata delle Marmore, TerniCascata delle Marmore (in English Marmore falls) is without a doubt the most impressive waterfall in Italy and also the most touristic one. Cascata delle Marmore is located at Marmore (east of Terni) in the region Umbria.

The waterfall is only 100 kilometer away from Rome (1.5 hour drive): first drive to Terni and there keep following road ss675 and at Terni east follow the signs Valnerina. It is strange to see that there are hardly any signs for Cascata delle Marmore. Only in the immediate proximity you will find the appropriate signs. When seeing Cascata delle Marmore at the right side of the road you have to drive a little further until you reach the parking and information centre (gps 42.555614, 12.716943).

Park the car at the parking not far from the base of the waterfall. At the information centre you have to buy an entrance ticket for the park (€ 10 in 2018). Note: you have to stand in line (in the high season) and the queue can be quite long.

When entering the park there are several routes up you can take, but take the routes close to the waterfall and then walk up: you need about 1.5-2 hours including taking photos and enjoying nature. A little below you can use the map to find your way.

Most of the time, the water in the canals above the falls is diverted to a hydroelectric power plant. Out of the season the waterfall is only flowing on certain times in the weekend.  In summertime the waterfall is turned on for a few hours every day, with additional times on holidays. For more information check the timetable.

Be sure to be in time in the park when Cascata delle Marmore is only flowing for one or two hours because you really need this time.

Cascata delle Marmore, TerniTake your time when the river Velino cascades down over several stages. At several spots little streams are created with its own small rapids. I never have seen such a beauty and I could spend the whole day at the waterfall.

When ending at the top wait for the moment they turned the waterfall off. Then you can see the difference! The minimum flow is 30 m3/s and in summertime the flow can be turned on to a volume of 300 m3/s.

Cascata delle Marmore has also a quite respectabel height. With a total drop of 160 meter is often (unjustified) called the highest waterfall in Italy. It is certainly not the highest waterfall in Italy but surely the most beautiful waterfall in Italy.

In summertime Cascata delle Marmore is illuminated at night. Disadvantage is that the water is only released for one hour. Except in August, in the weekend, Cascata delle Marmore is flowing for a longer time.

Cascata delle Marmore is an artificial made waterfall. Already 271 before christ Romans made a start with creating Cavo Curiano, the name they used at the time. The course of the river Velino was altered and a waterfall was created.

Other waterfalls near Cascata delle Marmore

There is one waterfall worth while mentioning near Cascata delle Marmore and that is Cascata dell’Aniene near Tivoli and Rome.

Cascata delle Marmore - map

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About Cascata delle Marmore

LocationMarmore, Terni
RiverVelino, Nera
Best visitAll year

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