Cascata di Giumaglio

Cascata di Giumaglio is a nice waterfall near Giumaglio in Valle di Maggia, Ticono, Switzerland.

From Locarno drive into Valle di Maggia, passing Maggia. In Giumaglio, after the gasstation, you see a glimpse of a waterfall at the right side of the road (this is Cascata di Giumaglio). Go right at the first road and go right again at the first crossing. You now approach a small bridge with a good view on Cascata di Giumaglio.

You can also walk to the base of Cascata di Giumaglio. Park the car near the bridge (gps 46.273399, 8.682205)and walk back towards the church. From the church walk to the river. There must be a path that runs to a pool in front of the waterfall. This is a popular spot for bathing.

Probably it is also possible to climb down to the river form the bridge and then walk upstream on the riverbed.

There are multiple drops in the river “Riale di Giumaglio” but the last drop of 40 meter is the nicest and is called Cascata di Giumaglio.

There are several other great waterfalls in and around Valle di Maggia. Most famous one is cascata di Foroglio in Valle di Bavona, a must to visit.

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About Cascata di Giumaglio

CountryWaterfalls in Switzerland
RiverRiale di Giumaglio
Best visitEarly summer

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