Cascata do Aveiro

Cascata do Aveiro is a tall waterfall near Maia (Santo Espirito) on the island Santa Maria (Azores) which is part of Portugal.

Santa Maria isn’t a big island and Cascata do Aveiro is easy to reach. From Santo Espirito just drive east (a 15 minute drive) on main road EN1-2a, following the road, until it ends at the waterfall. This is also a good spot to park your car.

From the parking it is a short walk to the base of Cascata do Aveiro. Just follow the river upstream. The waterfall can be very impressive after heavy rainfall but most of the time it is a low volume waterfall.

Cascata do Aveiro has two major jumps with a total height of 120 meter. 

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About Cascata do Aveiro

CountryWaterfalls in Portugal
RegionAzores- Santa Maria
LocationMaia, Santo Espírito (Vila do Porto)
RiverRibeira do Aveira
Best visitWet season

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