Curk Slap

Slap Curk is a 70 meter high waterfall near Kobardid, in the region Tolmin, Slovenia.

From Kobarid drive to the Napoleon bridge and cross the brideg. Turn left to Drežnica. In Drežnica turn left to the Drežniške Ravne. Just before Drežniške Ravne there is an information board, turn right. Follow the small road for appr 1,7 kilometers until you see a parking along the meadow( gps 46.2728820, 13.6147430).

From the parking it is an one hour walk to the end of the valley where Slap Curk is located. There are small signs pointing to the waterfall. Slap Curk falls down over a cliff and end appr 70 meter lower. In Springtime when there is a lot of snow melting, Slap Curk gets quite impressive.

Later in summertime Slap Curk probably runs dry.

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About Curk Slap

CountryWaterfalls in Slovenia
RegionGoriška - Tolmin
LocationDrežniške Ravne, Kobarid
Best visitSpring, early summer

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